Set in the Petite Beauce region, the Château de Talcy, parts of which were built in the 16th century, is a seigniorial estate beloved by poets Ronsard et Agrippa d’Aubigné. During the French Wars of Religion, it was the site of an attempt at reconciliation between the warring parties by Catherine De Medici and Charles IX.
The building also features 18th century furniture and furnishings left by the Burgeat family. In the 19th century, the Stapfer family enjoyed a busy cultural life here, hosting artists and intellectuals.
Separated from the lower courtyard by a rubble stone wall and wrought-iron gates, in line with the porch tower, the gardens cover around six hectares and slope down gently to a parcel of woodland affording a view over the Beauce countryside. The gardens are composed of two distinct areas: the ornamental garden and the kitchen garden and orchard.

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